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Blackview Unveils 2-in-1 Tab 16 Pro: Upgraded Tablet with the Latest Android 14 and 11-inch 2K Display, Now More Powerful Than Its Predecessor

July 10, 2024

Following the successful launch of Tab 16 in mobile office and remote learning in early 2023, the innovation-driven tech brand Blackview is set to launch an upgraded version, Tab 16 Pro. This new version has been comprehensively optimized in both hardware and software, aiming to provide users with a smoother and more efficient smart living experience on a large screen.

No.1 Screen Upgrade: Up to 83% Screen-to-body Ratio for Larger Visual Space

While maintaining the 11-inch 2K screen, Tab 16 Pro has boosted its screen-to-body ratio to 83%, offering a larger visual display that not only enhances the viewing experience but also improves multitasking capabilities. Users now can have a clearer and more spacious view during document editing or multi-window operations. Additionally, the Pro device is Widevine L1 certified as Tab 16, yet it stands out because it supports immersive streaming on Netflix at 1080P resolution.

No.2 Memory Upgrade: Larger Virtual RAM and Doubled TF Expansion for Smoother Operation

Tab 16 Pro expands its virtual RAM from 6GB to 16GB and increases its TF expansion from 1TB to 2TB, ensuring a significantly smoother user experience.

No.2.1 Larger 16GB RAM, Faster Response Speed

The RAM of the Pro version increases from 6GB to 16GB, which boosts boot speed by 20%, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. With this upgrade, users can experience faster response times and more stable performance, especially when running large applications or various programs.

No.2.2 2TB TF Expansion, Double the Storage Space

With TF expansion from 1TB to 2TB, Tab 16 Pro has doubled the storage capacity, allowing users to store large amounts of high-definition videos, photos, and files without frequently freeing up space or worrying about slowdowns due to insufficient storage. Moreover, the expanded storage enables the installation of a broader range of apps and games, enriching both entertainment and work options.

No.3 Battery Upgrade: Larger Battery Capacity, Longer Battery Life

Blackview Tab 16 Pro leaps forward with a 7700mAh mega battery while boasting smart charging protection and customizable recharging modes, all designed to give users more convenience beyond their expectations.

No.3.1 Larger 7700mAh Battery, Extended Usage Time

The battery capacity of the Pro version has been upgraded from 7680mAh to 7700mAh, supporting up to 18 hours of daily use and 384 hours of standby time. Users now can play with their device for a longer period of time on a single charge. Additionally, with options like performance mode, battery-saving mode, and super power-saving mode, users can significantly extend their device’s usage time.

No.3.2 Intelligent Nighttime Charging Protection

When the battery reaches 80% at night, the system will automatically stop charging and smartly decide whether to continue or not based on the actual condition later. This prevents overcharging, thereby extending battery life and increasing both safety and convenience for users.

No.3.3 Customizable Charging Mode, All Set By Need

Users can set the maximum battery charge level within a recommended range of 70% to 90%, so they can adjust the charging limit according to their usage needs, which not only enhances convenience but also helps prolong the battery's lifespan.

No.4 Camera Upgrade: From 2 Cameras to 3 Cameras, Better Background Blur Effect

Building on the existing 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, Tab 16 Pro has added a 2MP depth camera to enhance the background blur  for sharper subject highlighting and improve photo-taken performance in low-light conditions.

No.5 OS Upgrade:

  From Android 12 to the Latest Android 14;

  From DokeOS_P 3.0 to DokeOS_P 4.0

Most excitingly, the operating system of this upgraded tablet is completely renewed, since it jumps from Android 12 to the latest Android 14, from DokeOS_P 3.0 to DokeOS_P 4.0. This significant update fully harnesses the potential of its advanced hardware while ensuring substantial improvements in efficiency, convenience, smoothness, personalization, and security.

No.5.1 More Efficient

It’s worth noting that Tab 16 Pro comes with updated Split View Mode and PC Mode to version 2.0, promising to unlock next-level user experience in work or study. The former allows users to use the tablets like a laptop, with two windows displayed simultaneously, providing increased flexibility and multifunctionality by just connecting to a wireless keyboard and mouse. And with the Split View 2.0, users can elevate their efficiency to a new height. They can prepare a report and browse research data simultaneously or watch videos while chatting with friends.

No.5.2 More Convenient

The Pro tablet exceeds expectations, not only for its pre-installed WPS suite, but also for the EasyShare App and the Workspace App. The WPS suite is a huge bonus since it allows users to dive straight to work mode the instant they activate their device, eliminating the need for time-consuming setups. Users can exchange files and data without networks with the EasyShare App and separate their workspace from the private space via the Workspace App, thus keeping users’ business data safe and privacy unknown to others.

No.5.3 More Fluid

To enhance user experiences in work, study, or entertainment, the latest  operating system delivers all-new features like Focus Computing 2.0, Smart Preloading, and Atomized Memory 2.0. The Smart Preloading can fasten app start-up by 15% to keep users a step ahead in every task and the Atomized Memory 2.0 can free up to 9% more RAM for running more background apps or tasks. Plus, the Focus Computing 2.0 allows users to switch freely between performance mode and battery-saving mode, so they can strategically prioritize resources for the most critical apps.

No.5.4 More Personalized

The new operating system is also designed to offer users greater flexibility in customizing their tablet experience. It boasts the Versatile Desktop, which allows icon colors to align with the selected theme, enhancing visual coherence. Additionally, users arrange their apps or files in large or small folders to keep the desktop organized with the File Folders. Customizing timers for daily routine tasks, such as a 2-minute tooth-brushing session or a 30-minute exercise period, is easy with the Customizable Timer. Users can start their countdown with a single click after setting it just once.

No.5.5 More Secure

Compared with Tab 16, the upgraded one significantly elevates children’s safety with  its advanced Parent Control. Users with kids can rest assured knowing their kids are under control since the device can block inappropriate content or specific apps, set daily usage limits, and monitor activity through detailed reports. Consequently, parents can know how their children are using the device and make adjustments if necessary.

Price and Availability

Blackview Tab 16 Pro is set to make its global launch on Amazon with a special promotional price of ¥28410 during the Members’ Day Event from July 16th to 17th, and the One-Week Flash Sale from July 22nd to 28th. Don’t forget to use the coupons and promo codes. Click and stay tuned for more updates.    

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